With “Feeling Face Form”

standardOn the tracks of a pioneer

Together with „Gefühl Gesicht Gestalt“ (Feeling Face Form) the artists collective FeinSinn reconstructs the „Raumlinien Gymnastik“(space-lines gymnastics) by Susanne Schmida – to be seen on Oct. 29 and 30.

Vienna – The artists collective FeinSinn dedicate their latest project „Gefühl Gesicht Ge-stalt“ (Feeling Face Form) to an extraordinary woman. The performance honours Susanne Schmida, who did not only gain her degree in philosophy as one of the first women in Aus-tria in 1919, but who also built up a school of dance and yoga, in which philosophical con-tents were taught as well. As one of few women in the Austrian dance and gymnastics scene of the twenties and thirties she turned her back on National Socialism.