Violinist with „FeinSinn“ („FineSense“)


Welser Rundschau 28.3.07

Violinist with „FeinSinn“ („FineSense“)

Wels / Alexander Nantschev grew up in a musical milieu. His grandfather as well as his father were violinists, his mother was a ballet dancer, his uncle a composer and conductor, his brother wrote music from the musical genre all the way to techno. In Vienna, his native city, the young violinist studied at the academy of music, graduated with honours, played in the Orchestra Gustav Mahler under conductors like Claudio Abbado or Pierre Boulez. He has been an instructor on the Wels federal music school since autumn 2005. In The Mahler-Orchestra with Abbado And Boulez Nantschev is not only a violinist. For the benefit of the electric guitar he left the violin in the box during the puberty years. Some time ago, on the basis of a successful music-dance cooperation with the dancer Elke Pichler, Alexander Nantschev founded the artist group „FeinSinn“.

In their various projects this artists collective intend to melt poetry, film, photography, drama, dance and music into one. A successful outcome of this melting process is the mu-sic-dance-performance „Freak Out“.

„Freak Out“ ist a place full of ideas, a moment full of possibilities. This is what a group of adolescents, who regularly meet for jam sessions, dream of. They dance like mad, moan, or paint filled with joy for life and imaginativeness. But the freedom they feel in their meet-ings at the start soon gets into conflict with the limits of their possibilities. How can creative freedom be made compatible with the demands of reality?

By the artful interaction of live music, song, dance and video art „Freak Out“ carries you away to the colourful world of phantasies, ideals, dreams and ideas.
„Freak Out“ – a piece for adults and adolescents 13 or older – may be eyed upon twice at the Old Schl8hof on Thursday, March 29: at 11:30 a.m. and at 8:00 p.m..

Norbert Trawäger