First-time ever choreographic realization of the compositions by Friedrich Nietzsche

Not only was Friedrich Nietzsche a radical philosopher, he also was an ardent musician and composer. The latter is a rather hidden streak of the great thinker. Nietzsche’s musical pieces strike you as romantic, revealing an area of high tension between themselves  and the texts of the philosopher. The artist group FeinSinn gets to the bottom of these extremes in their dance and music performance “to_rsO”, Elke Pichler creates a first-time choreographic realization of the compositions.

Nietzsche’s philosophy strongly influenced a large number of famous dancers such as Martha Graham, Mary Wigman, Ted Shawn or Isadora Duncan. Alexander Nantschev, the musical director of the project, asks, “Is Nietzsche able to influence the dance not only by means of his words, but also through his music?” – As it is, it holds true even for a far and maturely developed Nietzsche that his musical works, mainly composed during his younger years, already express the basic features of his nature.

The singer Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau declares Nietzsche’s musical talent extraordinary. – “His urge to dive into the abysses of the human spirit responds to the will of a musician to bring forth proceedings of the soul that only appear portrayable through music.” – In the sketch of a letter, Nietzsche himself writes, “Maybe there has never been a philosopher basically being a musician to such an extent as myself. For that reason I might still as well be a soundly failed, wrong-gone musician.”

Many of these musical pieces are fragmentory. This is why Elke Pichler in her choreography is looking for the fragment. What remains of the music in space, after the last note of an incomplete fragment is played? Thus the piece develops into a balancing act between ecstatic acceptance of life and utter fragility.

Idea and conception: Alexander Nantschev, Elke Pichler
Choreography: Elke Pichler
Dramatic composition: Hannah Egenolf
Set decoration / light / costumes: Stefanie Wilhelm
Dance: Elke Pichler, Julia Mach, Filip Szatarski
Musicians: Alexander Nantschev (strings, e-guitar), Christo Popov (piano), Robert Siegel (bass), Michael Flatz (percussion)
Compositions by Friedrich Nietzsche and Alexander Nantschev
Sponsored by Stadt Wien / MA7 and Land Oberösterreich


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