Private Nirvana

contains three different short pieces basing on the classical three-movement form.

So What! Mixed Flavoured.

Five people who had not known each other before, were standing in the rehearsal room together for the first time, without any prior arrangement.  Improvisation develops into choreography and composition.
Choreography and dance: Elke Pichler, Kun Chen Shih; music: Alexander Nantschev, Erik Buchelt, Michael Flatz


The starting point of this performance was the interest in (apparent) repetitions in dance and music, which ultimately, in the course of the rehearsals, turned out to be not mere repetitions at all -  rather formations – trans-formations.

During the research-phase of the piece both the dancer Kun Chen Shih as well as the musician Alexander Nantschev were given the task of repeating certain elements of dance and music, later on, to modify fragments and to rhythmically overlap and shift them. Thus, dance and music were created simultaneously in the rehearsal room.

In Pulse – layer by layer – dance and music are winding upward to reach a poetic climax. Nevertheless the transparent final sounds of the performance do not get lost in the vastness of infinity, but find their sustaining point in silence.
Choreography: Elke Pichler; dance: Kun Chen Shih; music: Alexander Nantschev