Freak Out

A place full of ideas. A moment of infinite possibilities. Without barriers. Inspirations flow and create create colourful worlds. Outside of that other laws prevail. The grey- and gruesomeness of everyday life chokes living phantasy in the bud.
A group of adolescent people dream of taking off, dancing off by means of their own kind of music. They intend experiencing themselves as being unique. But the freedom they feel in their common artistic meetings gets into conflict with the limits their present possibilities are setting. Will they forget their place abundant in ideas, forget about their dreams?
Freak-out is about dreams, ideals and inspiration, all of those being endangered of being taken less and less seriously, of being thrust aside over the times. It tells about the tightrope walk between illusion and reality, about the drowning in delusive worlds, about decisions that may be significant for one’s life.

Idea and rough draft: FeinSinn; choreography and dance: Elke Pichler, Kun Chen Shih; music and composition: Alexander Nantschev; video: Hannes Kiengraber