Austria got talent

Studies substantiate which parts of the population have less a voice in society, which are seldomly or even not being listened to. These are, above all, people of different skin colour, people with sexual preferences other than those considered “normal”, elderly people, foreigners, women and mothers, children and handicapped individuals. Furthermore it is shown that professions like doctors or lawyers rank highly in the social chart of values while dancers, for example, are to be found in the bottom ranks.
The piece was inspired by the British casting show “Britain’s Got Talent”. In contrast to “Starmania” or “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (Germany’s Looking for the Superstar) the focus there is not exclusively orientated towards young and handsome singing talents. Each and every candidate, no matter what talent he/she claims, is admitted for the casting. Even older artists get their chances as proved the surprising example of a 48-year-old eccentric singer, Susan Boyle. The winner of the show is permitted to present his artistic performance to the Queen.
The search for a protagonist of Österreich hat Talent (Austria’s Got Talent) occurred within those social groups that definitely do have less a voice in society.

Performed by Sieglinde Gerold, a group of people with particular needs (Markus Wittmann, Mario Simoner, Christine Scheufler, Lothar Fritsch, Conny Eggerth), Immanuel Stürzebecher, Elke Pichler, Alexander Nantschev, Robert Siegel and Michael Flatz the piece highlights the multiple facets of the term “talent”. Talent does not depend on, is not necessarily related to age – the performers are between 7 and 60 years of age – or social status. On the stage people with special needs present themselves as being people with special abilities.
Each of the performers gets a live-act of about five minutes on stage. Interviews on the topic of “talent” with the involved artists are presented as videos.

Thanks to Salome Zahedi, violinist of Tehran Symphony Orchestra.

With friendly support of Land Oberösterreich and Stadt Wels


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