A Lie In Paradise

Is mankind on the way to annihilate itself? Ten scientists were asked this question in “Die Zeit”. According to the physicist Stephen Hawking the Earth will become so inhabitable because of the aggressive behaviour of man, that the homo sapiens kind will be forced to flee into space, thus becoming the “homo spaciens” kind.
FeinSinn created “A Lie in Paradise” or Homo Spaciens On-Plane as an artistic answer to the question. It is a utopian journey through time – through snakes and apples, flower power, warlike consumption, black snow and the glorious super-virus.
Idea and rough draft: FeinSinn; choreography and dance: Elke Pichler; music and composition: Alexander Nantschev; video: Alexander Nantschev, Elke Pichler, Hannes Kiengraber; thanks to Milli Bitterli and Michael Kitzberger