FeinSinn at the Schlachthof Wels


Krone, 29.3.07

FeinSinn at the Schlachthof Wels

Taking Dreams Seriously

The artist group FeinSinn was founded by Elke Pichler and Alexander Nantschev. They try to blend art movements like poetry, film, photography, drama, dance and music into one. Today the dancer appears with her latest production AFreak Out@ at the Schlachthof Wels. To dance was the dream of my childhood. I have made this dream my profession.@ says Elke Pichler, raised in Hartkirchen. With her performance AFreak Out@ she wants to en-courage adolescents to take their dreams seriously, to work on the realisation of these dreams. AFreak Out@ takes you away to an artful, multi-coloured phantasy world of mu-sic, song, dance and video.

- Schlachthof Wels, 8 p.m.