Dance, Yoga, Philosophy: An Hommage to A Pioneer

Hommage an eine Pionierin


By her detour of the study of philosophy the dancer and choreographer Elke Pichler came across Susanne Schmida (1894-1981), who gained her doctorate as the first female phi-losopher in Vienna, who also founded the first school of yoga in Austria. At this still-existing Institute Dr. Schmida in the Lehargasse she taught a distinct mixture of dance, philosophy and yoga. It was there that Pichler discovered Schmida=s legacy, on the basis of which she choreographed the dance and music performance AFeeling, Face, Form@ – with the aid of former students, who also participated in the project. Along with a small ex-hibition this project is meant to convey an impression of a brilliant personality and her time.


Austrian Theatermuseum, Fr., Sat., 19:30