At the Schl8hof Wels the artists collective „FeinSinn“


At the Schl8hof Wels the artists collective „FeinSinn“ lured their audience to a remote ag-glomeration of concert and dancing performance with „Private Nirvana“, at first leading through the inventive song pastures of violinist Alexander Nantschev – the „Tea On the Moon“ part proving quite catchy even well into the later hours. – In the second part Elke Pichler and Kun Chen Shih danced a number of different sequences which ended up in-flammatory with an intense, video-enhanced finale. The duo of Shih and the minimalistic sound-activity of Nantschev, composer and violin instructor at the federal musical school Wels, choreographed by Pichler, will remain in the memory as one of the most emotional moments.