Adolescent Dreams – The artist group FeinSinn

krone2006Krone, 1.7.2006

Adolescent Dreams

The artist group FeinSinn presented a music and dance drama at the Schäxpir-Festival at the Linz CCL: „Freak Out“ is about the dreams and ideals of adolescents – dreams and ideals that impend to vanish amidst the tension area of inner and outer world.

With unique delicacy the dancer Elke Pichler and the violinist Alexander Nantschev de-signed a sensitive dramatic agglomeration. One wants to dance, to sing, one-s young life is being feasted, fired at the same time. With violin and electric guitar Nantschev creates a vigorous, yet fragile universe of sound, in which the dancers Pichler and Kun Chen Shih uncontrollably move towards desperateness.